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Marvel Stories About Thor, Black Panther, and More Set to be Released as Serialized Novels Starting This Summer

Although the time between Marvel films can seem never-ending and torturous, the studio is making an effort to give fans a little something in between. There is a wealth of stories still to be told about many of the most famous Marvel superheroes, so it is always important to find new ways to bring those tales to the world.

From comicbooks to TV to film, there is virtually nothing off limits when it comes to media platforms that Marvel material can be produced for. That’s why last week it was announced that new stories from the worlds of Thor, Black Panther, Jessica Jones, and Black Widow will be published in a new partnership between Marvel and the Serial Box platform.

Beginning this summer, Thor will be getting a weekly, serialized story in both audiobook and digital book forms. The episodes will be edited by Alex de Campi and written by a team of seasoned fiction, sci-fi, and comicbook writers. The content won’t exactly be like a comicbook series, since there is no illustration requirement, but the weekly installments will create a “serialized novel” when completed.

Not much else is confirmed yet, besides the news that Thor’s most resilient frenemy will also be included in the episodes. That’s right, Loki will be appearing alongside Thor, although his role is still unclear. These stories are not tied to any continuity within Marvel Comics or Marvel Studios, so it is very possible that these tales could be a deviation from previous iterations of the characters. There is no word yet if all four novels will be in a shared universe (meaning a possible team-up series, like the Avengers) or if they will be separate from one another. Hopefully more details will be released before summer hits!

De Campi, who also serves as showrunner, spoke about the upcoming project on her Instagram, detailing the team that would be tasked in bringing the first novel to life:

John Nee of Marvel Publishing also spoke about Marvel branching out into this new territory, saying:

“Over the last 80 years, Marvel has grown to become a lifestyle for every kind of fan around the world – but it all started from serialized storytelling. We were impressed by the quality and creativity of Serial Box’s content, and we are excited for both Marvel and Serial Box fans to experience these new stories together each week.”

Molly Barton, the CEO of Serial Box, also spoke about the upcoming collaboration:

“We are thrilled that Marvel is entrusting us to extend and expand the story worlds for these beloved characters. Our writer teams could not be more excited to share the new stories with listeners and readers everywhere.”

After the Thor story begins airing this summer, the next three characters will be tackled. No release date is set yet for the serial novels based on Jessica Jones, Black Panther, and Black Widow.

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