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Zoe Saldana Was Glad ‘Infinity War’ Explored This Aspect Of Gamora Like ‘Guardians’ Never Did

Although the biggest shocker of Infinity War was the final scene where many of our heroes turn to dust, that doesn’t mean the audiences were sitting pretty up to that point. Infinity War, in fact, was basically an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, between drama, romance, mourning, and action that was going on throughout.


Sure, fighting and action were a pivotal part of the film, but the character dynamic among all the various relationships was a big reason we were all so upset as the film ended. One of these instances was the relationship between Peter Quill (Star-Lord) and Gamora.




Their relationship ended up playing a big part throughout the film, and ultimately contributed a great deal (unfortunately) to Thanos completing his plan of getting all the Infinity Stones. In fact, Gamora’s origin story with Thanos made his ascension to victory that much more interesting, since it meant he had to destroy the thing he loved most, his daughter. Gamora’s death came as a huge shock to fans, as well as her fellow Guardians, especially Quill.




Although this was the third outing that the Guardians of the Galaxy have had in the MCU, the Russo Brothers and James Gunn took this film as a time to delve much deeper into the relationship of Gamora and Quill in a way we have never seen before.


Even before her death, Quill and Gamora finally acknowledged their love for one another, and Quill made a hard promise to Gamora to kill her if the necessity came for the greater good. This new ground was something that even Zoe Saldana was proud of, even if it meant her death would be that much more painful for fans. Saldana spoke to the Los Angeles Times and had this to say about Gamora and Quill’s relationship in Infinity War:

“I love the fact that James Gunn has always protected Gamora and Quill’s relationship. But I thought it was really wonderful for audiences to see [in Infinity War] that the show that they put on [when other people are around] is not really what happens behind closed doors. That they really love each other, that they really listen to each other. That he actually is capable of making a promise and keeping it.”




After two films with both characters dancing around the fact that they love each other, we finally get to hear the words, and see the long-awaited kiss; that is, just in time for Quill to be ruined by her sudden death. It was a beautifully done character arc by Gunn, even if it ended in misery for all parties. Although there is still a hope for Gamora’s resurrection in Avengers 4, it’s anyone’s guess if it happens or not.


Until we know the outcome, it looks like we will have at least until next May to mourn the tragic love story of Gamora and Starlord, among the other fallen things from the ending of Infinity WarAvengers 4 comes to theaters on May 3, 2018.

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