X-Men’s ‘Extermination’ Kills Off Very Unexpected Characters In The First Issue

The newest installment in storytelling with the All-New X-Men continues with the original five team members in the present day. They were brought there to help secure a timeline where it appeared that the X-Men had lost their way entirely, leading to disastrous effects. Now they are trying to help change the world and right wrongs to the best of their mutant abilities before eventually reporting back to their own timelines.




Extermination #1 is the first in a five-part series that will close out the time-traveling story of these mutants displaced from their homes, and if the name holds any weight, we may be seeing the end of these X-Men as we know them before all is said and done.




Case in point, the first issue opens up a huge can of worms by killing off Bloodstorm only a few pages into the story. She and Cyclops are enjoying an intimate conversation about romance and what the future could hold for them when suddenly they are ambushed at the Thai restaurant they are eating in. The villains appear to be time travelers and are quickly able to kill the vampire Bloodstorm with the help of a silver laced spear tip through her chest.




It’s unclear what exactly motivates these merciless villains for now, but they certainly aren’t taking any prisoners.


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