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X-Men’s Chris Claremont Weighs In On The Strengths Of The Upcoming ‘Dark Phoenix’ Movie

The X-Men film franchise will be finishing their run under Fox with the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie before the transference of the Marvel properties to Disney. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will be celebrating their 18th entry with Black Panther next week, and Marvel Studios has been on a creative streak.




Seasoned comicbook veteran Chris Claremont recently talked of his anticipation for Dark Phoenix, speaking with ScreenCrush about Simon Kinberg’s next cinematic installment.


He also expressed that this wasn’t the first time the Dark Phoenix saga was adapted to film, comparing it to the other versions of a particular James Bond film.


“It isn’t like they didn’t make more than one version of Casino Royale,” said Claremont.




“The second Dark Phoenix will have as powerful an impact on the comic-book film world as the second Casino Royale had on the James Bond film world,” continued Claremont. “I figure you could do a whole lot worse than that.”


The comicbook legend also expressed his approval of Kinberg and his casting choices for this version of the X-Men universe.


“Simon Kinberg has his heart in the right place,” he continued. “He’s got the best ensemble cast of young faces I’ve seen in quite a while. My hope is it will give the Avengers a more than decent run for their money,” he continued.

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