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‘X-Men Red’ #1 Reintroduces A Major Villain, Causing Trouble For Jean Grey And Her Team

The original Jean Grey has been resurrected and thrown back into the Marvel Universe, helming a team of mutants in the new X-Men Red #1.The story begins with Grey helping a young mutant named Heather get away from an angry mob. Sadly the girl’s mother is part of the malicious group, and Jean and her team arrive to thwart any plans of harming the escaping mutant.




The proceeding panels allow readers to get a first look at the entire X-Men Red team including Jean Grey in the leadership role. Beside her is a new mutant named Trinary, Laura Kinney as Wolverine, and her cloned sister Honey Badger. On Jean’s opposite side, Nightcrawler, Namor, and Gentle from Wakanda fill out the rest of the newest roster of X-Men.




Now that more and more incidents of mutants being attacked are springing up, it’s this new team’s duty to find and protect the victims. The second mutant that was rescued by Jean and her team was actually two months before, as a baby named Toby used his newfound powers as a result of a traumatic car-snatching. A group of heroes deserves a villain that will challenge them to their fullest potential, and this returning antagonist is sure to cause trouble for Jean and the X-Men.

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