X-Men: Dark Phoenix Director Explains Why The Film Has Been Delayed Once Again

By now most of you know the unfortunate news regarding the long-awaited X-Men film Dark Phoenix. The film was originally set to release in November of this year but was pushed back to February of next year. It has just recently been announced that the film will be postponed once again, changing the release date from February 2019 to June 2019.




This news came days after the first trailer was released for the film, so many fans had their excitement quickly squashed in learning that they’d have to wait even longer for the final product. This is also not the first time that Marvel films released through FOX Studios have been delayed. Titles like New Mutants and Gambit have both been postponed for many months, so this is no surprise.


Having said that, the biggest question on fans minds is “why the delay?” Well, the director of the film, Simon Kinberg, is well aware of this question and wants fans to know that the later release date will only make the movie better. Kinberg explained exactly what the plan is for the four extra months, and which parts of the film they will be working on in the meantime.




Kinberg explained:

“Mostly we focused on the third act, both emotionally and in terms of the physical scale and the action of the third act that we adjusted. And then there were certain things in the first two acts of the movie – very few things, but to set up those changes in the third act we had to adjust some things in the first two acts so that that all was fluid and felt consistent.”


It is no secret that the film has been in the process of re-shoots over the past few weeks, in fact, several set photos have emerged with famous X-Men characters like Professor X and Magneto together again. We reported on that HERE.




Kinberg also explained that with the extra filming, there would be an additional job of post-production to match that. The extra time is fully needed to complete all the extra work being done.


Kinberg continued:


“It was a date, February 14th, that we initially liked for the movie but when we realized that we weren’t gonna have the visual effects ready to release it globally the way we wanted to, and the Gambit date opened up because it wasn’t gonna be ready for that June 7th date. We looked at that date versus the February 14th date, the studio did and we did, we felt like that June date was a bigger opportunity for us globally. More screens, more IMAX screens, a better chance to play in China where these movies have a massive following.”


Although this doesn’t make the waiting any shorter, maybe it will ease some fans minds to know that everything is still under control for Jean Grey, Magneto, Professor X, and the whole team behind X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Let’s just hope this is the final postponement!


X-Men: Dark Phoenix will (for now) come to theaters and IMAX on June 7, 2019