X-23 Calls In A High Flying X-Men Member To Help Rescue Honeybadger

Laura Kinney, AKA X-23, is a living weapon, and definitely one that you wouldn’t want to make angry. That’s exactly what her enemies have managed to do in this stunning comicbook, X-23 #3. Laura is a clone from Wolverine just like her “sister” Gabby. Unfortunately for the younger sibling, a strange psychic trio have their sights set on exploiting something of great importance to her.




With that said, Gabby, AKA Honeybadger, was captured and taken away to a secret location. X-23 is in hot pursuit trying to rescue her sister from whatever tragic fate she may suffer at the hands of these powerful villains.




X-23 #3 catches up with Honeybadger successfully sending a distress signal to Laura so she can finally pinpoint her location, as the Cuckoos have been pulling out all the stops to throw X-23 off the scent. Now it appears that Cuckoos are finally ready to proceed with whatever they have in store for Gabby, so Laura will need to get a quick move on if she intends to be the hero.



Two out of the three sisters are very definitive in their purpose, but there is one that does appear to sympathize with Gabby’s role in this equation if not at the very least connect with her in conversations¬†that Honeybadger prompts to try and lighten the mood. Maybe this Cuckoo is the weak link and key to Gabby’s survival in this matter?


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