Writer Saladin Ahmed Interviewed About ‘Exiles’ Story And Characters

The Marvel Multiverse is home to many threats both Earthly, intergalactic, or interdimensional, so the heroic opposition can use all of the help they can muster. Enter The Exiles, coming this April and ushered forth by the original Nick Fury aka The Unseen, distressed at an intimidating presence from his lunar dominion.




The original volume of The Exiles came about in August of 2001, featuring a team of dimension-displaced heroes such as Blink (Earth-295), Mimic (Earth-12), Morph (Earth-1081), T-Bird (Earth-1100), Nocturne (Earth-2182), Magnus (Earth-27), and more. The original series lasted up to 100 issues. This newest team will see Blink return within the leading position, taking control of a new team.




The illustrations will be handled by Javier Rodriguez, while Saladin Ahmed will brandish the pen for literary duties. Ahmed recently sat down in an interview with CBR.com and openly discussed his work on this newest incarnation of The Exiles and more.

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