Wolverine’s Son Fuses With A Poisonous Symbiote In New ‘X-Men Blue’ Comicbook

Angel swoops in and is able to use his abilities to scorch Daken just long enough for him to take his eyes off the prize. Cyclops fires an optic blast and creates the perfect opening for the vampire Bloodstorm, who is also from another dimension, to scoop up the bloodthirsty son of Wolverine to separate him from his brother.




In the midst of the chaos, Jimmy/Poison is able to make a break for it to ensure its own survival. The overwhelming rushes of dual memories colliding, being displaced in time, and sharing a body with one another is almost too much to bear. Daken isn’t far behind and is hoping to capitalize on this “weakness” to hopefully prevent further death and destruction at the hands of Poison later on down the line.




But at the very core of its being, Poison and Jimmy are both hunters, one of which is the son of arguably the greatest that there is. So getting the drop on this clawed symbiote is going to be next to impossible, even if you are Daken.




The fight is on, and this family feud doesn’t appear to be cooling off any time soon.


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