Wolverine’s Son Fuses With A Poisonous Symbiote In New ‘X-Men Blue’ Comicbook

X-Men Blue #30 picks up right where things left off, with a team that is struggling from within. Jean Grey, AKA Marvel Girl, is struggling to keep matters cool between members, especially concerning two sibling descendants from Wolverine, both of which are empowered by some of his mutant abilities, bloodthirstiness, and bad attitude.




Surely, you can imagine why things may be getting a little problematic with Jimmy Hudson and Daken wanting to put their claws into one another. But things definitely just got more interesting when it comes to Jimmy and a certain symbiote he’s recently bonded with…




This issue begins with the team finding the two brothers basically ripping each other to shreds. Daken thinks that he’s doing the world a solid by getting rid of Jimmy, who’s being taken over by the Symbiote known as Poison. Poison was recently part of a destroyed hive consciousness and is from another dimension. Yeah, it’s kind of crazy.




Daken is seconds from killing his brother, but as you know, nothing ever goes that easy…


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