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Wolverine To Make Post-Credit Surprise Appearances In Marvel Comics

A resurrected Wolverine is set to appear in some Marvel Comics “post-credit scenes.” These appearances, stretching throughout several January issues, will possibly shed more light on his Marvel Legacy journey with his Infinity Stone. Not only that, but the scenes will reveal how Logan came to escape from his adamantium tomb after the events of the Death of Wolverine storyline.


Those aforementioned comicbook issues with “post-credits” include Amazing Spider-Man #794, Captain America #697, and The Mighty Thor #703. A promotional image can be seen below, posing a significant question to fans.


Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort teased in a statement: “Fans have been speculating about Wolverine’s whereabouts since he first reappeared in Marvel Legacy #1—and the Marvel Universe is left just as unaware!” He continued: “So keep your eyes peeled as Canada’s favorite citizen makes his presence felt in titles all across the Marvel line! It’s all leading to something—but what?”

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