Wolverine Returns With A Bloody Vengeance And Kills An Old Ally In New Comicbook

Since Wolverine rose from the dead, there have been a handful of teams on the search for the claw-wielding mutant. These stories have spread out amongst a few interconnected comicbook miniseries including Adamantium Agenda, Mystery in Madripoor, Claws of the Killer, and Weapon Lost. Each one carries a different tone and way of storytelling but still focuses on core groups commissioned by the X-Men to track down Wolverine before something really bad happens.




Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #2 picks up right after Daredevil was able to assemble a team of ace detectives to track down Wolverine. The roster includes Misty Knight, an ex-detective with a metal arm, the Inhuman Frank McGee with photographic vision, and Cypher, an old X-Men regular who can speak every single language known to man.




Their efforts wind up leading the crew to a strange outpost in Canada where a huge massacre happened. After picking up a distress call, they all take off for the outpost but arrive shortly after finding a horrible bloody mess.




Everyone except for Cypher, who’s left behind, decides to go check everything out, which turns out to be a fatal mistake.


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