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Ageless And Angry: Check Out How Wolverine Has Changed Over The Years

He’s perhaps the most iconic of the modern superheroes – that is, if you consider 1974 modern. Yes, he’s been around for over 40 years, and in that time he’s grown from a specific type to a universal character. We’ve seen his origins and experienced his farewell (actually, the end of an era for the actor who has been playing him in films).

The Suits Have Never Stayed The Same


So with the amazing Logan now out on home video and Hugh Jackman hedging on any plans to don the adamantium claws and mutton chops in the future, perhaps now would be a golden opportunity to see how James Howlett, also referred to as Wolverine, has been portrayed on both the big and small screen.

Now, This Is How Most People See Wolverine


As you can see by the video below, the aggressive mutant with antisocial tendencies was being depicted long before that Australian hunk signed up for Bryan Singer’s film. Even more unusual (for those of us used to seeing him paired up solely with Professor X’s mutants) is the number of times he’s run into Spider-Man and Hulk. The look has definitely changed, as have the accents.

He’s Had A Lot Of Different Looks Over The Years


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