Wolverine Announces An Unfortunate Twist Of Fate In New Comicbook

When one says the name Wolverine, for most, they envision Logan, the cigar smoking rough and tumbling berserker with zero tolerance for anything standing in his way. However, there’s a new blade-wielding Wolverine in town and this time it’s a she. Snikt snikit, the claws are coming out!




You may remember the character X-23 who was cloned using some of Logan’s DNA by a bunch of less than likable people in a lab. Well, after Logan met his end, Laura Kinney took over the mantle as Wolverine to pay homage to the name and her beloved mentor who helped guide her out of some seriously dark and troubling times since they crossed paths in her childhood.




This has lead to a comicbook series entitled All New Wolverine. The series highlights all of the brutal and aggressive elements that you would expect from a Wolverine comicbook, but adds some new interesting elements with a woman’s touch. Laura lacks in absolutely none of the bravado or over-the-top heroic antics that Logan was also known for, which often times puts Wolverine right in the thick of it. Case point in the picture below.




This latest episode of All New Wolverine #33 takes a leap into the not too distant future to tell an “Old Woman Laura” kind of tale in homage to Old Man Logan.


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