Why Wakanda Is So Important In Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Marvel’s African kingdom of Wakanda is home to some of the wildest technological advancements in the world, thanks to good old vibranium and a little help from the Black Panther to keep the country’s secrets safe. But now after King T’Challa has gone forth to enter the world fully and offer their ideas and resources as solutions for many of the problems seen globally, you can bet that many are going to come knocking, and maybe not with the best intentions.


With Infinity War on the rise and just over a month out from hitting the big screen, one thing is for certain, Wakanda is going to play a pivotal role in what’s to come. As you’ve seen in the trailer with Black Panther, his militant warriors, and a handful of the Avengers present, there’s going to be a massive battle with Thanos’ merciless army, when the time comes. The question is why are they all gathered in Wakanda, and do Earth’s mightiest heroes even stand a chance?




The picture below depicts that there is no shortage of firepower on the side of Wakanda. The Hulk alone may seem like overkill, but you add Captain America, Black Widow, The Winter Soldier, Falcon, Okoye the General of the Dora Milaje, and of course Black Panther and it’s difficult to imagine anyone wanting to oppose them. However, that is precisely the purpose of Thanos and the Black Order, and when it comes to getting what he wants he pretty much always gets his way.




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