Why Marvel’s King of Spoilers Is Not Tom Holland, It’s Actually Mark Ruffalo!

There’s an ongoing battle in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that nearly nobody is paying enough attention to. No, it’s not on-screen in the films, rather, it takes place behind the scenes and we only get to see it play itself out very subtly in interviews and social media posts. While it would be entertaining to watch Spider-Man take on the Hulk in a film, the battle we’re actually getting is between the actors who play them. Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland have quietly been duking it out, figuratively, to see who can be the MCU’s “King of Spoilers.”



Tom Holland probably holds that distinction as he’s not only spoiled multiple things in the lead up to Avengers: Infinity War, both promotional materials and the film itself, but Marvel Studios has also used his reputation to purposefully leak information like they did for the Spider-Man: Far From Home title reveal. He also infamously walked in front of a packed cinema before an Infinity War showing and proclaimed “I’m alive” before anyone had a chance to see what happened in the film, but in the battle for “King of Spoilers,” we want to make the case for Mark Ruffalo to actually hold the title.




We feel that Mark Ruffalo is so good, or bad depending on your perspective, at giving away spoilers that he’s actually the reason Tom Holland got the reputation in the first place. Think back to when Holland leaked the official Infinity War poster on his Instagram. Mark Ruffalo was actually the one to send it to him, with no overt warning. He knows Holland is young and active on social media. He knows the kid is excited to be in the film and wants to share with his fans. Did Ruffalo use his youthful excitement to spoil the poster without taking any of the blame? Never forget…



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