Who Is Peter From ‘Deadpool 2’ And Why Does He Have His Own Twitter Account?

As Deadpool 2 is gearing up to hit theaters on May 18th, new breadcrumbs have been added to the trail in the wake of the final trailer for the film. It reveals some of the official members of X-Force that will be accompanying Deadpool on his mission to save a young mutant from Cable who wants him dead for an unknown reason likely having something to do with the future. With that, we’ve been introduced to Domino, Bedlam, Shatterstar, and now Peter . . .




Peter, as revealed by the final trailer, is just your average Joe with no super abilities or mutations to speak of. So what the heck is he doing joining X-Force?




Apparently, he was just following up on an “ad” that Deadpool put out into the world when looking for new recruits. But it pretty much goes without saying that something feels off about this guy. Maybe it’s the mustache or how calm he looks while falling out of the sky, but there has got to be more to Peter, than what’s being revealed in the trailer. Besides, what’s normal anyway?




Quite possibly one of the strangest happenings going on with this Peter character is that he has his own official Twitter page as “Peter W.” Just see for yourself!


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