What Do You Get When You Mix Venom With An Insurance Commercial? Laughs!

All of the footage that we’ve seen from the upcoming Sony picture Venom has it looking like it’s set to be the darkest film from the Spider-Man Universe yet. Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Eddie Brock, as well as the Lethal Protector storyline-inspired plot, is likely bringing the aggression, action, and violence that fans of the character hoped for when the film was first announced. There’s still no word yet about Venom‘s rating, but we’re all hoping for an R. With the success of Deadpool and Deadpool 2, there’s a chance, but the fact that Venom himself comes from the world of Spider-Man and the hope out there of a crossover, an R-rating is no foregone conclusion.




Even with the dark nature of the story, people are still finding clever ways to make light of the content that we’ve gotten from Sony so far. These days, on the Internet at least, everybody likes to think they’re a comedian. While most of them fail, some people come up with some pretty clever jokes, memes, and videos that keep us all laughing daily. Along with those people, sometimes a company pulls off a quality joke too.




Netflix may be known for streaming content, but apparently, the people working their social media have taken a page out of their comedy department’s book and brought the laughs. Tying the latest Venom trailer together with a Farmer’s Insurance jingle, they sent out a tweet that would make any of the comedians who they’ve given specials to proud. Check it out below…



What’s coming next, Peyton Manning singing a quote from the film in the Nationwide cadence? Venom opens in theaters across the country on October 5th!


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