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We’re Finally Getting The Battle We All Deserve… Deadpool vs Black Panther!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if arguably two of the best combatants in the Marvel comicbook universe decided to fight without anything holding them back? Lucky you. The fact of the matter is that Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, and the King of Wakanda, AKA the Black Panther, are set to have their might tested against one another in a true brawl, and it couldn’t get any more exciting!




Taking on the writing wheel for Black Panther Vs. Deadpool will be Daniel Kibblesmith, who’s worked on Lockjaw and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. You can bet that his taste in comedy will be present in the style alongside Ricardo Lopez Ortiz and Ryan Benjamin on the artistic handles. Check out the official synopsis for the first issue below:

“For a reason, he’d rather not disclose (because, well, it makes him look bad!) Deadpool needs a piece of Vibranium…and the only way to get Vibranium is to go through the Black Panther himself! But Deadpool soon learns that his unconventional methods don’t exactly work against the king of the most technologically advanced country on the planet…”




From the looks of things, Black Panther Vs. Deadpool #1 will be taking place in the heart of Wakanda, Black Panther’s home. This may give the King a bit of a hometown advantage, but there really is no telling what to expect anytime that you factor Deadpool in the equation.




According to Geek Tyrant, Wil Moss, the editor for the upcoming comicbook, said:

“Featuring a brawl you can only get in comics (for now anyway), BLACK PANTHER VS. DEADPOOL is the best of both worlds, equal parts Black Panther/Wakanda and Deadpool/Crazytown. In bouncing these two characters off each other (and sometimes through each other), Daniel and Ricardo have found some really fascinating insights into what makes them tick as individuals.”


Unfortunately, as great as all of this sounds, we have to be patient all the way until October 3rd before we’ll get a full look at Black Panther Vs. Deadpool #1. In the meantime, we can start placing bets on who will come out on top in this battle, although Deadpool’s healing factor may present more than a little bit of a problem for Black Panther.


Black Panther goes head to head with Deadpool in this fan-made video below!


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