Weirdly Funny Stranger Things Parody Where Kids Play The Adults And Adults Play The Kids

It’s only natural that one of the most popular Netflix series would amass a galaxy’s worth of spoofs and parody spin-offs. Stranger Things‘ second season has fans on a wild roller coaster of emotions, but a few light-hearted souls on the internet have stepped in to supply some comic relief.

For over 7 years, Devin Graham, known for his YouTube channel devinsupertramp, has garnered quite the following for his amusing, high octane content. One of his most recent videos takes the world of Stranger Things and flips it upside down, with the kids played by adults and vice-versa.


Graham produced the parody with help from Utah-based comedy troupe Studio C, and writer Matt Mattson plays Dustin in the video. During a brief slow-motion shot, both Mattson and an unsuspecting Gaten Matarazzo (the real Stranger Things‘ Dustin) lock eyes and awkwardly wave to one another as the CIA chase the “kids” in their U-Haul vans.


Matarazzo was able to appear in the video, which was shot in Utah, while he was in the state supporting CCD Smiles, an organization he works closely with that brings global awareness to Cleidocranial Dysplasia (CCD). Matarazzo has frequently discussed his experience with the condition, which primarily affects development of the bones and teeth.

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