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You Won’t Believe Some Of The Weird Celebrity Cameos In Your Favorite Marvel Comics

The got their start in movies, back in the days when a famous face could take a basic B-movie into something more mainstream. They hit their peak in the ’50s and ’60s, as directors were looking for ways to entice audiences back into theaters. Since then, TV has taken up a bit of the slack, providing a platform for the celebrated and the once was to make a brief and often memorable appearance. We’re talking about the cameo of course, that amusing moment when a fancied flavor du jour breaks the mood to make their presence known.


Did you know that comics have been doing the same thing all along?


Indeed, outside of the special issues which see a specific figure as the focus – like the late ’70s trend toward giving every name rock band their own four-panel adventure – a great many known entities have shown up alongside for favorite superhero. From rappers and actors to Presidents and other world leaders, the format has been the perfect place to speculate on how a known name would handle a psychotic uber-villain, or how they’d deal with the end of the world. Below are 15 of the best examples. Check them out.

Stephen Colbert Meets Spider-Man

We’re guessing this has little to do with politics.

Rodney Dangerfield Takes Over for Iron Man Onstage

And as you can see, he still got no respect.

Freddie Prinze Jr. Meets The Hulk

Apparently, he dated the Big Mean Green One’s ex, Betty.

Jay Leno Hung Out With Spidey As Well

Keeping the battle for late night in the comics, where it belongs.

Meet The Beatles?

The Fantastic Four did just that during the Fab Four’s rise to fame.

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