Wakanda Joins The World Cup With Graphic Designer’s ‘Black Panther’ Inspired Uniforms

The World Cup is currently underway with the single-elimination round of 16 having started over the weekend. For those who don’t pay much attention to sports, it’s the most prestigious football (soccer for Americans) tournament in the world, and like the Olympics, it’s only held once every four years. While the United States may not have qualified a team this year, fans of the sport have had World Cup fever since it started June 14th, and Marvel fans have even gone as far as to wonder how the fictional country of Wakanda would do if they actually existed.


With Black Panther’s popularity sweeping the entire world since its release in February, it’s only natural for Wakanda to make its way into the World Cup. You also have to figure, if the fictitious African nation were to get involved in sports, with their intelligence and technology, they would almost certainly have some of the best resources when it comes to athletics. Even with it being fictional, their salute has made it into the world of soccer in celebrations!



If you were wondering what it would look like if Wakanda was on the pitch, you aren’t the only one. Graphic designer Mark Yesilevskiy took it upon himself to design uniforms for King T’Challa’s squad. Posting them on his website, he shared two separate designs. Drawing inspiration from Black Panther costume designer Ruth Carter, the home kit is based on the Black Panther suit itself, with T’Challa’s necklace around the collarbone. The away kit is based around the Dora Milaje, taking the color scheme and design directly from their armor. Both come with the Wakandan Panther embroidered on the chest. Check them out below…








Unfortunately, we’ll never be able to see them in action, but if we had, I think we could safely assume that they would find a way to use vibranium in the design. Would it be considered performance-enhancing, though?


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