Wade Wilson Meets The Scariest Baby Alive In New Comicbook ‘Deadpool: Assassin #6’

In the world of Deadpool, things are definitely bound to take a turn for the strange regularly. This issue of Deadpool: Assassin #6 is no exception to the rule. It rejoins the story just after Wade’s best buddy and mercenary handler, Weasel, is killed by the assassins guild as Deadpool is able to eliminate the main body of their operation.




Too little too late is the name of the game momentarily, but Wade isn’t looking to make a habit out of that. As he’s standing over the cold body of his friend, he knows that he needs to follow closely after his ex-partner in murder, Threnody, who’s currently on the run with Weasel’s pregnant wife.




Wade doesn’t know that Weasle’s wife, Clarice, is carrying a child. Weasel only found out himself as he was laying on the ground in a pool of his own blood.




Wade doesn’t seem to notice a familiar figure lurking in the shadows just steps behind him…


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