Venom Just Got A Comicbook Prequel Tied Into The Film Before Its Release

It’s official! We are finally going to get a fresh look at Eddie Brock and Venom with the help of Sony’s take on the symbiote. Venom is a classic Spider-Man villain, and although we probably won’t see Tom Holland suiting up in this film, we will get Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, and so far the trailers have been looking really awesome.




Venom is staged to be released on October 5th of this year, and the film will cover a lot of new origin points for the character. According to an interview with IGN, Paul Franklin, the film’s VFX Supervisor said,

“We show how the Venom symbiote came to Earth, how Eddie Brock got to meet the symbiote, how it bonded with him, and then ultimately became the Venom character that we all know from the comics.”




Speaking of the comics, a custom edition comicbook exclusive was released called Venom that will be tethered to the upcoming film. It was just released digitally this month thanks to Marvel Comics. It will elaborate a bit on the origin to be discovered in the movie and will serve as a prequel to it as well.




The art style and writing for this particular piece is pretty awesome and we have a preview to get your venomous appetite going . . .


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