‘Venom’ Has Something Else In Common With ‘Spider-Man 3’ And Is On It’s Way To October Record

It was ultimately inevitable that Venom was going to get compared to 2007’s, Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man 3. It was the first time we saw Venom in live-action, and although it may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly had some sort of direct impact on the current rendition of the character. That’s not to say that this version is anything like it, because it isn’t, but that’s the point. Venom director Ruben Fleischer and company definitely looked back on Spider-Man 3 and took cues on some of the things about the Spider-Man 3 version that didn’t work in an effort to avoid them.




Even though these two films are miles apart in terms of story and feel, they still have a lot in common, and now we can add something else to the list… They both received the exact same CinemaScore. The CinemaScore is thought to be the most accurate way to determine a film’s mass reception. The site gathers the opinions of randomly selected viewers of the film right after they saw the film, and while the film has been given some less than stellar reviews by the critics, like Spider-Man 3, fans have scored Venom with an impressive B+ rating. It seems that the people have spoken, and they’re saying that they actually enjoy the film.



Whether or not a film is a critical success doesn’t necessarily determine whether or not the film is a commercial success, and this film is living proof of that. After setting an October record for Thursday preview with $10 million in domestic box office sales, Venom is now projected to continue its record-setting ways and bring in an impressive $80 million at the domestic box office over the weekend. Its take will surpass the $55.7 million posted by Gravity back in 2013, setting October’s all-time record and surpassing the original expectations Sony had for it in the process. With the positive reception spreading via fans word of mouth, it will likely drive it to heights nobody expected.



Does this mean we should expect a sequel sooner than later? If you haven’t yet, check out Venom in theaters everywhere!


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