‘Venom’ Breaks October’s Thursday Night Record, And Tom Hardy’s Performance Is Being Praised!

Today is the day that many of us have been waiting for as Sony Pictures’ Venom has officially opened in theaters across the country, and although the film hasn’t been a darling with all the critics, fans who have seen the movie have been pretty positive in regards to their reception of it.


When it was announced that Tom Hardy had signed on to play the roles of Eddie Brock and Venom, expectations jumped through the roof. With the talent he possesses, it should have been expected, and even in many of the more negative reviews of the film, his performance has been spoken about as the brightest spot. So, from the looks of things, he’s delivered once again.




Matt Tolmach, manager of both Spider-Man franchises before Marvel Studios’ took over, spoke to ScreenRant about Hardy taking on the role:

“You look at the movies he’s made. He takes massive risks, he is so complicated and brilliant and nuanced and original. It always feels… it always has integrity. So, lining up an actor who brings that, and also is just a bad a–, I mean you just stand next to him. He’s a real bad a–, so is Eddie Brock, so is Venom. So, things just lined up.”




Director Ruben Fleischer spoke about him taking on both the role of Eddie Brock and the voice of Venom:

“… the way he did it was incredible to watch. He would wear an earwig and he would basically pre-record all of Venom’s lines. And so, he’d be in the middle of a scene, talking to Michelle [Williams] or by himself, the sound guys would just trigger Venom’s voice. So, he’d have something to react to and then he’d talk to it and then they’d play Venom’s line back.


“So, he really was hearing voice in his head the whole time, which is why I think the performance feels so real and so natural. When he’s walking on the street, when he first hears Venom and he’s like, ‘Who said that, who said that?!’ He’s literally hearing the voice in his head. So, he has something to react to. Which I think makes it so realistic, his performance.”




Whether or not you feel the film is good or not is up to you when you see it, but the mixed reviews haven’t slowed down the movie’s success. Reports are showing that the film grossed over $10 million on Thursday in domestic sales, which is an October record for Thursday previews.


The film is expected to reach up to $70 million over the weekend, and possibly double that when we count in international numbers. Things are looking good for Venom. Another anti-hero is making its way to the #1 spot!


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