Nine Variant Fan Castings For X-Men Characters To Move The Franchise Forward

The X-Men are certainly some of the more well-liked bunches of characters that the Marvel comicbook universe has to offer. More than a handful of X-Men movies and solo spin-offs have stepped into the spotlight derived from the brilliant source material that sheds light on the rich stories encompassing mutants in a world where many humans would rather them not exist.


In the hopeful future we’ll get a chance to see some of our favorite X-Men characters enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but until that time comes here are some pretty cool fan-castings that depict some familiar faces as the iconic mutant team.


Aubrey Plaza as Kitty Pryde



You probably remember Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation as she pierces you with her iconic stare. She might make for an excellent Kitty Pryde using her knack for comedy blended with the energetic and courageous characteristics of the hero.


Jeremy Allen White as Pyro



On charisma and bad boy tendencies alone, Jeremy Allen White and Pyro would go hand in hand. White played Lip on the US version of Shameless where we saw a lot of this attitude come to life. Now just add fire and there ya go!


Pedro Pascal as Nightcrawler



Pascal could play a very suave and threatening Nightcrawler, no problem. He played both of those things really well on Game of Thrones as Oberon. Imagine him teleporting around with blue skin and you’ll get the picture.


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