Unused Concept Art From ‘Wonder Woman’ That Take The Film To Another Level!

Wonder Woman came out in theaters in June of 2017, and with her entrance into cinema came a huge transformation to the face of superhero films. For many years comicbook movies have been dominated by men in the spotlight, but Wonder Woman’s exquisite portrayal of a fierce, admirable, and powerful leader proved not only that she can contend with others in the box office, but she’s also here to stay.


As with most great things, it all starts in the conceptual phase, and that’s no different with a stunning movie like Wonder Woman. Check out these 12 pieces of concept art from the film below . . .


In The Heart Of Battle



The hero fearlessly lunges into battle proving that arrows can be more effective than bullets with the right wielder.


Ares In A Suit



Ares is cloaked in his “human form” wearing modern clothing to fit the time period.


Themyscira’s Weaponry



Diana peruses Themyscira’s ancient weaponry for items of particular interest.


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