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Tony Stark’s New Romantic Interest Hinted On Cover Of Upcoming Comicbook

This year is going to be a big one for the armored Avenger. That’s right, thanks to writer Dan Slott and some extremely awesome artistic stylings from Valerio Schiti and Edgar Delgado, we get a very smooth look at the hero in Tony Stark: Iron Man.




The first issue is set to be released on June 20th of this year, and so far we’ve only been able to get a glimpse at the cover art for four issues with a synopsis explaining the direction the storytelling will be taking when all is said and done. The synopsis for issue #1 reads:

“TAKE FLIGHT WITH DAN SLOTT & VALERIO SCHITI! From the cusp of tomorrow’s dreams to the forefront of imagination, one man always soars on the cutting edge of adventure! You know his name. Tony Stark is Iron Man. And Iron Man…is an idea. Always changing. Always evolving. An idea without limit! Take wing with DAN SLOTT (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and VALERIO SCHITI (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) as they propel the ultimate Self-Made Hero to new heights of inventiveness! Tony Stark is Iron Man. The future is now. Strap in!”




From the looks of Tony Stark: Iron Man #2, which is coming out about a month later on July 18th, Stark is really in the thick of it. The synopsis for this issue explains:

“Tony has been holding back an enormous secret since his return, and there’s only one person on Earth he’d trust it with: James Rhodes. This will change everything. A strange new development for Jocasta, the return of the Gauntlet and the arrival of Tony Stark’s new rival, Sunset Bain. All this and the power of the Manticore, the most powerful assault vehicle in the Marvel Universe!”




The cover of the third issue definitely has some trippy and psychedelic elements to it. Maybe there’s some sort of time or interdimensional travel to be revealed in this comicbook. The synopsis for this one reads:

“NON-PLAYER CHARACTER ASSASSINATION! What is MACHINE MAN’S problem with (our) IRON MAN of 2018? When TONY STARK unveils his latest innovation, the Great Escape, AARON STACK realizes what it will mean for all the artificial life-forms of the Marvel Universe…blue checks or DEATH! Also in this issue: A new development for JOCASTA. ANDY dates a single mom (no, really, this is important). And that classic Iron Man villain you’ve been talking about since the first issue? Theyyyyy’re back. Mwahaha!”




Possibly one of the most interesting covers for the comicbook series shows a romance budding between the beautiful Janet Van Dyne and Tony Stark. From the looks of things, they’ve gotten quite . . . um . . . comfortable with one another. And so the romance of the armors begins! The official synopsis for Tony Stark: Iron Man #4 reads:

“Tony Stark is kicking off an all-new adventure this summer with the superstar creative team of Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti – but this fall, it’s an old relationship that takes the stage, as Tony rekindles his relationship with the one, the only…Janet Van Dyne!”


Pick up the first issue of Tony Stark: Iron Man on June 20, 2018 at comicbook stores everywhere!

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