Tony Stark Proves Himself To Be The Leader Of The Avengers In One Fan’s Vocal Study

With about six months left to wait until the next chapter of the Marvel Studios production opens in theaters, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are doing a lot to keep themselves occupied while staying connected to the world. With everything that happened in Avengers: Infinity War, followed up by the mid-credit scene in Ant-Man and the Wasp, there’s been a lot to discuss, debate, and speculate for us. It’s led to countless theories, incredible fan art, and an unwavering excitement for the final films in Phase 3 of the MCU. Both Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 will add a heavy punch to the end of Phase 3 before Spider-Man: Far From Home kicks off Phase 4.




With this break in releases in the MCU, one fan, Reddit user with the name reddit_user_1948, used the time to do a study on the Avengers. While we all probably knew the answer before his numbers came back, his study focused on the prominence of each character’s voice throughout the four ensemble films of the MCU. His goal was to count up every line each of the original six Avengers have in each film to determine who’s the vocal leader of the team. He explained how he compiled the data:

“Each time a character speaks (can be a small monologue like Thanos’ [sic] speech in the beginning of the movie, or can also be a one word, like when Drax answers to Peter Quill how long he has been standing there, he says ‘an hour’). I also counted as two separate lines if one character speaks then something happens for a few moments and then he/she speaks again.”




In no surprise to anyone, Tony Stark/Iron Man comes in first place by a large margin. The genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist is as quick-witted as they come, smart beyond measure, and he always has something to say. What is surprising is how solid of a place Steve Rogers/Captain America holds. Thanks in large part to one of the ensemble films being Captain America: Civil War, he grabs second place, but even in his titular film, Iron Man leads the pack. Check out the full breakdown below…


6 original Avengers from ‘The Avengers’ movie, number of spoken lines comparison [OC] from r/marvelstudios


Thor made a big push during Infinity War, and with the changes he’s had since Thor: Ragnarok, it wouldn’t be a major surprise to see him continue to climb up the ranks of the most prominent Avengers. Reddit_user_1948 went a step further and provided a full breakdown of the lines each character had during Infinity War. Take a look at that below…


Avengers: IW – words count per character in each ‘team’. [OC] from r/marvelstudios


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