Tom Holland Takes Picture With His Own Spider-Man Figure And Will Raffle It Off For Charity

A lot of perks come with being an Avenger, just ask Tom Holland. The twenty-one-year-old actor has been having lots of fun with his newfound status as Spider-Man. Between funny on-set videos, dressing his dog up as Spider-Man, and web-slinging photo shoots, Holland is taking full advantage of his “new suit,” so to speak.


In-between shots. Name this scene. #spidermanhomecoming #golffashion

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Just last month, Sideshow Collectibles had unveiled their new Spider-Man: Homecoming collectible figure and the resemblance is uncanny. You can see a video of the detail below:



The figure has gotten rave reviews from fans, who can’t wait to get their hands on the tiny Spider-Man replica. Naturally, Holland himself was also excited about this new toy. So much so, that he took a picture with it.


And in the spirit of his character Peter Parker, Holland has also decided to give the collectible figure to one lucky person in a Charity giveaway. More details on the next page…


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