Tom Holland Explains What Part Of ‘Infinity War’ Was The Most Heart-Breaking For Him

While the film has been out for over a month now, we’ll still be kind and warn whoever is reading this that this article will contain major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War. Anyone who hasn’t been able to go see the film yet should probably stop reading now, well, unless you’re into spoilers. In that case, carry on!


If someone was to ask you, “Who’s death in Infinity War was the toughest on you as a fan?” How would you respond? We asked around the office at TRSL.com and got quite a few different answers. One staff member responded with Groot, having become attached to the character since Guardians of the Galaxy. I said Gamora, as it’s my opinion that hers was the most personal to Thanos, bringing the Mad Titan to tears to have to do it. There was a Star-Lord here, a Black Panther there, but more times than once we heard “Spider-Man.”




Peter Parker’s death was certainly one of the more heart-wrenching moments of the film. Not only did his take the longest to actually happen, which has been explained as he kept fighting the inevitable, but his scene was also improvised. When he said “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good,” you could hear the shock wash across the theater’s attendees on opening night, but the entirety of that scene wasn’t in the script. Instead, the Russo Brothers encouraged Holland to improvise with Robert Downey Jr. to up the emotional ante.




While Peter’s death may have been the most emotional for many, what about for Tom Holland himself? During a talk at Comicpalooza (via ComicBook), Holland was asked which death was the most-breaking, to which he surprisingly chose Loki’s…

“Yeah, I honestly didn’t really know much at all which is quite fun because, like you guys, I’m a big fan of these movies so being able to go to the theater and enjoy it as a fan because I knew nothing about it was great, you know? Tom Hiddleston at the beginning? Heartbreaking. That killed me.”




Though Hiddleston and Holland haven’t shared any screen time as the characters, the British duo certainly has off-screen. We’ll see what happens during Avengers 4, as the possibilities are still endless!



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