Tom Hardy’s Behind-The-Scenes Reveal Of Possible ‘Venom’ Costume

The creative team behind Sony’s Venom has given fans a glimpse into the filmmaking process over the last few months. This time, however, it was a Tom Hardy fan account on Instagram that posted a new behind-the-scenes look at the movie: photos of what may be Hardy’s costume. The first image is shadowy and subtle, showing Hardy’s obscured face staring down into the camera. From the looks of it, he’s wearing some type of tactical gear with a black undershirt.


This doesn’t appear to be the standard wardrobe for someone like Eddie Brock, dishonored reporter and vengeful host to the Venom symbiote, Klyntar. While there are rumors circulating that Hardy’s Venom is Brock, his backstory looks like it may borrow heavily from Flash Thompson’s “Agent Venom” storyline in the comicbooks.

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