Tom Hardy Names His 3 Real-Life Inspirations For His Version Of Eddie Brock/Venom

Every actor has their own process they go through when creating the character they’re preparing to portray. Some, a la Daniel Day-Lewis, spend incredible amounts of time living life as the character would, fully immersing themselves inside their character’s world. Others take a more simple approach, studying their lines and figuring things out on set while working with their costars. Regardless of what method they choose, as long as they’re believable and do a good job in the role, fans are typically happy.


For the role of Eddie Brock/Venom, Tom Hardy has come out and let us know how he put this character together. He points to three people in the real world who he’s drawing inspiration from. While these three aren’t necessarily people you would picture together, it does make sense why he chose these parts of their personality. We’ll break them down below.


Per Esquire


Woody Allen


Ok, when you picture Eddie Brock or Venom, the last face that pops into your head is probably Woody Allen, but Hardy said he chose Allen for his “tortured neurosis and all the humor that can come from that.” As an investigative reporter, Brock would likely spend a lot of time thinking and over-thinking at times. To pull that one quality from Woody Allen is interesting to say the least, but it makes sense.


Conor McGregor


There isn’t a bigger star in Mixed Martial Arts than Irishman Conor McGregor. He’s loud, boisterous, and has the best trash-talk in the game, but he’s also proven his ability to back it up in the Octagon as he was the first man to ever hold titles in multiple weight classes at the same time. Hardy said he chose “The Notorious” Conor McGregor for one of his talents, “the √ľberviolence but not all the talking.”




Maybe the most surprising name on this list is legendary hip-hop artist Redman. The Funk Doctor is known for his wild personality, off the wall lyrics, and take no mess attitude. This led Hardy to look towards him as he’s “out of control” and “living rent-free in his head.” If you know anything about the creator of Muddy Waters and Dare Iz a Darkside, you know exactly what Hardy means, but like the actor, there’s always a method to Redman’s madness.


What do you think of these inspirations? Let us know in the comments and catch Venom in theaters on October 5th!


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