Tom Hardy Is Getting Ready For ‘Venom’ With An Intense Training Regimen

Tom Hardy is working hard to assume a hulking physique for his role as Eddie Brock in Sony’s upcoming film Venom. Readers have come to know Brock as a young Daily Globe reporter who wrote an article wrongfully accusing someone of being a serial killer, which Spider-Man debunked. Brock’s fall from grace tarnished his reputation and ruined his life: the Daily Globe fired him, his father disowned him, and his wife filed for divorce. As if things couldn’t get worse, he also developed adrenal cancer. In turn, Brock focused his hateful energy on Spider-Man, and his illness drew the Venom symbiote to him, feeding on cancerous cells and a vicious abhorrence of the web-slinger.


One could assume that the story will pick up several years down the line, with audiences given the chance to experience a wholly villainous Venom. However, it’s been reported that Carnage (formerly Cletus Kasady) will be the main villain in the movie. This leaves room for fans to speculate that the story could possibly be set during a time of truce between Spidey and Venom, so they could efficiently fight off the psychopathic killer.

Hardy’s excitement for the role is palpable, and it’s very likely that his passion will translate well into the story of Eddie Brock and his use of the Venom symbiote.

Tom Hardy is no stranger to intense workout routines when it comes to preparing for film roles. The actor has trained heavily in MMA, weight training and boxing for previous projects such as Warrior. Furthermore, his acting prowess has truly been tested through the years. His antagonistic role as John Fitzgerald opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant proved his ability to be a threatening force in subtly diabolical and outright monstrous ways. This skill was also evident in The Dark Knight Rises, as Hardy had to go into “beast mode” to play Bane. Similarly, the actor has begun working out 5 days a week and sometimes twice a day with his trainers in preparation for his character in Venom, which surely will be a physically and emotionally demanding role.

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