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Todd McFarlane Talks About Bringing A Venom/Spawn Crossover To The Screen

There are two big films led by extremely dark characters on the way; one is a movie some consider a spin-off, and the other is a reboot. Fans of both characters are chomping at the bit to see if these new iterations will meet their expectations, as many of them weren’t happy the first time they got to see these roles on-screen.


Spider-Man 3 was underwhelming for many of us, especially considering how good Spider-Man 2 was, and while Topher Grace is a quality actor, he just wasn’t the Eddie Brock that most folks envisioned. As for Michael Jai White as the titular character in 1997’s Spawn, most fans liked him, but the movie seemed to be hit or miss. You either love it or you hate it; there aren’t many people who fall in-between.




With Tom Hardy playing Eddie Brock, fans may finally be getting what they asked for when Venom opens on October 5th. As for the Spawn reboot, creator Todd McFarlane is going to be directing the film, which bodes well for its quality and success. McFarlane also co-created Venom, and during an interview with CBR, he had some thoughts about a possible crossover between the two characters:

“Here’s a big ‘What If.’ What if Sony distributes Spawn? Then is it possible that in the future Sony could have a crossover with Venom and Spawn? It’s possible. So, I will be presenting that possibility to the Sony executives when we get ready.”




That is quite the “What If.” He continued with the thought of bringing the two together on-screen:

“My conversation with them would be, why wouldn’t you? Here’s what I know. Let’s say Venom is huge — I hope it is — then no matter who distributes Spawn, the first thing you will see in every trailer will be, ‘From the co-creator of Venom.’ So, then my question to Sony is, why would you let one of your competitors use that line, given that it was your effort that made Venom work? Your money that made Venom work? Your marketing that made Venom work? I think it’s worth asking, then, what happens if they both work? And then what happens ten years down the line, when they want to do a Spawn/Venom crossover and they get the guy who helped create both those characters to direct it? Might be kind of cool.”




Very cool indeed. Even cooler is someone like McFarlane giving us a peek into the world of negotiation. McFarlane has always been an open book, but this idea is too awesome not to speculate about.


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