Todd McFarlane Discusses How Dark He’s Willing To Go With ‘Spawn,’ And It’s Extreme

Todd McFarlane is having a very interesting year in 2018. For starters, Venom, a character he created in the beginning years of working with Marvel alongside David Michelinie has just gotten his first live-action film as the main character.


Venom, starring Tom Hardy and directed by Ruben Fleischer, was not only the number one film in America over the weekend, but it also exceeded expectations at the box office. That almost guarantees us a sequel is in the works, something Hardy and Fleischer have already spoken about. Although it isn’t an exact representation of the comics that McFarlane worked on with his character, he did say he got the one wish that he had for the film…



2018 also brought along the process of starting another film of a character McFarlane created, Spawn, and this time it’s going to be McFarlane that’s going to write and direct the film himself. While Spawn won’t be released until 2019, McFarlane has been open about the things he wants to do with this film, which will star Jamie Foxx as the lead and will co-star Jeremy Renner, as well. If you know anything about McFarlane, you know he likes to push the envelope, so the film is going to be dark and about as R-rated as the MPAA will allow. He’s making it clear that he’s making the film for adults, so parents, hide your kids!




Speaking to IGN at Ney York Comic Con, McFarlane had this to say:

“Here’s what I’m trying to get Hollywood to understand because they still don’t quite get it is I want to do a dead serious, scary movie that happens to be a superhero, right? And so they keep tripping into this superhero part and I wish I could almost take that piece out of it.”




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