Todd McFarlane Reveals How And Why He Created The Character Venom

Someone once said, “You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been,” or something to that extent. Its interpretation can have multiple meanings, but for the sake of this article, we’ll accept it at face value. Venom rushes into theaters on October 5th, but for Sony to have gotten this far with the Symbiote, it had to start somewhere. That place was back in May of 1984 with the release of The Amazing Spider-Man #252. Although, at the time, the Symbiote was introduced as the living alien costume, which is where much of the inspiration for Sam Raimi’s version of the character in Spider-Man 3 came from.




The full first appearance of the living alien costume as Venom came in May of 1988 with The Amazing Spider-Man #300. Peter Parker would be the Symbiote’s first known host, but he ultimately had to separate himself from the creature when he discovered its true nature and the fact that the suit was actually attached to his mind and body. The Symbiote would then find Eddie Brock who would become Venom. While this isn’t exactly the route Sony is going to take with Venom, due to the fact that Spider-Man isn’t involved, they could find a way to tie it in later, possibly.




As for Venom’s beginnings, co-creator Todd McFarlane recently took to his Instagram page and explained how the character came to be. To hear it straight from the man is a blessing, and him being 100% behind the upcoming film is even more reason to be excited. Check out McFarlane’s story below!


“This is the page that CREATED Venom!!! If I didn’t like the #classic look of #spiderman so much, Venom would never have existed. Here’s why… When I took over the artwork for the Amazing Spider-Man comic artistically I wanted to draw #Spidey in his red & blue costume…but he was wearing a black costume at the time.

Marvel said they would bring back the ‘classic’ look in issue #300 if I joined the book (which I did on issue 298). Problem was…what to do with the black costume. So I came up with the alien/monster look and we had a new villain that none of us knew would be such an important character for #Marvel.”


A peek behind the curtain is always cool. Check out Venom in theaters across the country on October 5th!


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