To Please Lady Death Thanos Must Lose Everything In New Comicbook

Thanos #18 picks up right where the last issue left off in a universe void of life. Everyone has fallen victim to death in one way or another, including some of the “immortals” that King Thanos was keeping around for enjoyment. Frank Castle AKA Ghost Rider, The Immortal Hulk, and even the Silver Surfer have all bit the dust leaving only King Thanos and the younger version of himself who he enlisted for aid.




Everything done up until this point was to catch the eye of Lady Death, with whom Thanos has a crazy, dark obsession with. But no matter how many countless millions have died at his hands, he hasn’t been able to get so much as an audience or conversation with her, that is until now.




Lady Death makes a grand appearance before both the Thanos of the future and the past. The tension is tangible on each page as it appears that victory is almost within their grasp when the love of their life strides into the room.




Lady Death appears to be dressed for a wedding. But who does she intend to marry?


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