Timelines Merge In Exciting New ‘Spider-Man Vs. Deadpool’ Comicbook

Spider-Man vs. Deadpool #33 throws the readers right into a pretty sticky situation involving both present and the future. Two important timelines collide throwing Old Man Wilson from the future into the past with the present day Spidey to face off against the Master Matrix, an AI experiment created by Peter Parker’s parents when they were working for S.H.I.E.L.D back in the day.





The Master Matrix is collecting organic samples from virtually every hero and villain imaginable to create an army of LMD clones that all look and act just like the originals. This is specifically why Old Man Deadpool/Wilson jumped timelines, to prevent something horrible from happening to his best buddy . . . Spider-Man who’s dying in the future.




In a recent interview with CB, writer, Robbie Thompson got to talk a bit about the story arc and explained the timeline situation in case there is any confusion. He said, “That’s correct! The two timelines intertwine at the end of issue #32, and we see the fallout of that in issue #33. In #32, Old Man Wilson has decided the only way to change his horrible present is to change the past. So, while in the Future Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building, he uses Doom’s Time Platform to travel back to stop all the madness in his time from happening. Before he leaves, Valeria points out that the time machine is cursed… which Old Man Wilson quickly finds out is true as he does travel back in time — but in the process, he swaps places with the current timeline’s Deadpool. So as Old Man Wilson goes back in time, our Deadpool goes to the future!”


“When talking with editors Nick Lowe and Kathleen Wisneski about this arc, we really wanted to exploit the two timelines as emotionally as possible, which motivated us to have them swap places. Since the future time is about Wade’s guilt, and the past has focused on Wade’s and Spider-Man’s fractured relationship, we decided to have the Deadpools’ swap place in order to shine a light on those predicaments. Wade will see the future consequences of his actions in this possible dark future first hand, and Old Man Wilson can show Spider-Man that things do, in fact, work out for their friendship. The world is probably ending, and the Spider-Man of the future is dying, but, hey, at least they’re still pals!”

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