Thor’s Long Lost Sister: Who Was Odin’s First-Born Daughter In Marvel Comics?

Thor: Ragnarok has introduced many new characters, not the least of which is Hela, Goddess of Death. Cate Blanchett’s performance and motivations as the villain are clear throughout the movie, but the comicbook origins don’t exactly add up.

Warning: Spoilers For Thor: Ragnarok Incoming!

In the film, Hela is purported to be Thor’s and Loki’s long lost sister and rightful heir to Odin’s throne. However, comicbook history tells a different tale. The story begins in the year 1993, when author Neil Gaiman and Image Comics founder Todd McFarlane created an angelic female bounty hunter to oppose Spawn in the ninth issue of his comic series. The character, named Angela, would end up flopping from villain to heroic accomplice and then love interest to Hellspawn, before eventually being killed by Malebogia in battle.


For almost two decades, Gaiman and McFarlane had been in a legal and personal disagreement regarding the true origins of the character, but in 2002 Gaiman filed a lawsuit, which was settled in 2012, giving him rights as Angela’s creator.

The following year on March 21st, Gaiman decided that Angela would see a rebirth after Marvel purchased ownership of the character. It wasn’t until 2013’s Age Of Ultron Issue #10 that Angela would see herself become a child of Asgardian descent, an assassin for her homeland, and even a member of the Guardians Of The Galaxy. She goes by the name Aldrif Odinsdottir these days, and if the surname wasn’t intriguing enough, her bloodline was found to be far more regal within the nine realms. The Original Sin storyline had revealed that Odin and his wife Freyja had given birth to a daughter, believed to have been slain in infancy during Asgard’s war with the Angels of the Tenth Realm.


So if Aldrif AKA Angela is Thor’s and Loki’s sister, then what does that make Hela?

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