Infinity Warps: Thor And Tony Stark Fuse Together To Become The Mighty Iron Hammer!

After the latest events of Infinity Wars, we saw Gamora come into some pretty dangerous and amazing power when she was able to assemble and control all of the Infinity Stones. While harnessing their combined energy and in hopes of eliminating potential threats from stopping her along her journey, she decided to fold the universe in half rather than destroy half of life in the universe like her father Thanos did before her. This happening created some really interesting new combinations of characters and stories as they all warped and fused into one another creating new life entirely.




Sigurd Stark has one such tale, and we get a chance to dive into his mysterious origin story in the amazing Infinity Warps: Iron Hammer #1. Sigurd has all of the technological prowess, fame, and fortune that Tony Stark had in the universe before Gamora changed it, but he has absolutely no memory of who he is before he appeared as a full grown adult with all of this talent and knowhow saved in his mind.




This has been a source of sorrow for Sigurd, and no matter how much wealth he acquires, it’s no substitute for the truth.




We find Sigurd at a bar in Norway contemplating his life, of which he can only recall a handful of years. Frustrated, he walks out into a blizzard and lightning storm only to find his fate waiting patiently for him.


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