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This 7-Minute Long Dance Montage From 292 Movies Is The Perfect Way To Start A Day!

There are certain themes that you can find sprinkled in movies of varying genres. Some horror films center around a family dynamic, some fantasy films are based around a heist, and some sports films are all about redemption. You can interchange motifs between genres and come up with all kinds of different movies. Like life, no matter how different things are, there is always something we can find relatable.




When it comes to films, the score has so much to do with the feelings and emotions we experience when we’re watching our favorites. The choice of music can take a scene from good to classic in an instant. Take Reservoir Dogs for example. What would the scene where Mr. Blonde cuts off the cop’s ear with the straight razor have been without “Stuck in the Middle with You”? As brutal as the episode is, it’s even darker with such a pleasant song playing.




Then we have moments that stand out in a film. There are some that no matter how many times they’re used in different movies, they’re always outstanding. One reason why is that, like themes, they speak to us because we can put ourselves in those moments. Dancing is one such example. You’d be hard-pressed to find many people who don’t enjoy dancing, even if they aren’t great at it. The feeling it gives us is complete euphoria, and when we see these scenes on film we are instantly transported back to that feeling, and for the moment, nothing else matters.




CLS Videos edited together dance sequences from an astounding 292 films into one seven-minute montage of glory. From Les Grossman to The Dude to Sandra Dee to Mary Poppins, this video travels through decades of classic moments of dance in film. The video even highlights some characters from the Marvel world as well… Check it out below!



Just in case you didn’t get enough dancing in the video above, we have to share the greatest dance scene in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Baby Groot shows off just how cute and vicious he can be at any given moment… They grow up so fast!



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