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Things To Remember Before Binge-Watching The Punisher Netflix Series

The Punisher has officially been released on Netflix. The show will finally pick up after the conclusion of the second season of Daredevil, as tons of set photos, interviews, teasers and trailers have whetted the appetites of fans for far too long.


Frank Castle is being hunted by members of a mysterious military corporation called Anvil, as well as the police and government. It should be interesting to watch Frank Castle’s story as the Punisher take shape throughout the series. However, here are some things fans should watch out for before diving in:

Ben Barnes Makes His First Appearance As Jigsaw


The introduction of Anvil should see the first onscreen appearance of Billy Russo AKA Jigsaw. Russo was once an old military comrade of Frank’s, as they served in a unit together in Kandahar, Afghanistan. This was all hinted at during season two of Daredevil. Russo found himself in the heavy gun and drug running racket, taking orders from the Blacksmith, otherwise known as Colonel Ray Schoonover. In the comics, after the Punisher slammed Billy’s face into some unbreakable bullet-proof glass, he was stitched up in a horrific manner, hence the name Jigsaw.

The Punisher Shares The Same Showrunner As Hannibal


Fans of the Punisher can breathe easy knowing that showrunner and producer Steve Lightfoot has had experience with truly gruesome and macabre storylines. He was instrumental in shaping the violent, yet sophisticated, tone of Hannibal. He also penned a few episodes that helped lead the show along some dark pathways. Viewers of The Punisher Netflix series should expect some elegance in the show’s writing, but should still make room for some gratuitous gore.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach Portrays ‘Microchip’ In The Series


The Daredevil series foreshadowed the Punisher’s team up with David Linus “Microchip” Lieberman after Frank receives a disc with the word “Micro” written on it. In the comicbooks, Microchip is there to supply Frank Castle with all manner of special weaponry and technologies. These are to aid in the Punisher’s war on crime. He manages and launders Frank’s finances and keeps his safe houses fully stocked with gear. In a teaser for The Punisher, one can see Ebon Moss-Bacharach assuming the role of a glitchy-faced Lieberman quite well, as he espouses anti-government sentiments.

The Punisher Once Killed The Entire Marvel Comics Universe


The Punisher is no joke. He has a tendency to walk in shades of gray, unlike many Marvel heroes and villains. Frank Castle is not just some puppet, strung to one particular side of his moral compass. In the comics, this can sometimes lead to violent altercations with his super-powered “friends”.


In Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher Vol. 1, no morals can hold Frank Castle back any longer. It’s a bleak, post-apocalyptic future, filled with roaming cannibals that were once prominent Marvel superheroes and villains. It was down to the Punisher (“The Last Gun On Earth”) to clear the New York wasteland of its infestation.

Karen Page Has More Significance In This Plot


Karen Page wasn’t initially going to appear in this Punisher storyline. However, producer Steve Lightfoot was enthralled by the chemistry between her and Frank during the Daredevil series. She was the one who helped The Punisher track down the identities of his family’s killers after he had saved her life. Karen’s inclusion will give audiences a chance to see the friendship between her and Frank fully develop, since their previous interactions were used as ways to flesh out their characters.

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