The White Wolf Makes His Return In New ‘Rise Of The Black Panther’ Comicbook

This next issue in the Rise of Black Panther comicbook series from writer Evan Narcisse and consultant Ta-Nehisi Coates throws T’Challa right back into the thick of some really serious family drama involving his brothers. That’s right, there’s more than one…




You may remember his adopted brother known as Hunter. He was brought into the Wakandan fold by King T’Chaka, the father of the present day Black Panther. Hunter would go on to be known as the White Wolf, the leader of Wakanda’s secret police called the Hatut Zeraze, or the War Dogs. But the relationship between these two brothers has always been rocky at best, especially when it comes down to Hunter’s way of handling threats to the kingdom.




Rise of the Black Panther #5 opens up with T’Challa punching in some of the faces of the Hatut Zaraze in search for his adopted brother Hunter, who seems to be operating independently without the order from the new king.




The War Dogs take a beating in the process before Hunter shows himself to the King who is already less than pleased with him.


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