The Terminator 6′ Set Reunites The Two Actors Who Made The Original Films Classics

No matter who you speak to, they will usually regard the Terminator movies as one of the greatest action/sci-fi film series of all time. James Cameron has gone on to become a prolific director for many reasons, but Sarah Connor, John Carter, and of course, the Terminator, have stood the test of time.


Although the series has been steadily continuing since it’s debut in 1984, having spawned several spin-off films, TV shows, and video games, fans have been itching for a reunion of the original cast members for a long time. Now, finally, it seems like the stars have finally aligned.




It was announced last year that James Cameron would finally be returning to produce a sixth Terminator sequel and the original Terminator or the T-800, Arnold Schwarzenegger would reprise his famous role once again. For years Schwarzenegger has expressed interest in stepping back in to save Sarah Connor and her son from Skynet, but it wasn’t until now that Linda Hamilton would also return as Sarah Connor for another film. So needless to say, for Terminator fans, this is big news!




The film will release next fall and is being directed by Tim Miller. Miller had directed the first Deadpool film, so he is no stranger to the possibility of a sci-fi movie getting quite bloody. And, with the guidance of James Cameron, hopefully, this new film comes back to the original story that made fans first love the series.


Production of the new film is underway, and to give fans a little teaser of the Terminator reboot (and to celebrate Linda Hamilton’s birthday,) Arnold posted a picture via social media to show the dynamic duo in their younger days, paired next to a picture of them today. Both stars still look great!



There is little to no concrete ideas about the plot of the new film just yet, but if this photo is any indication, the Terminator will be getting bloodied and battered once more! The initial title for the film is Terminator 6, but that could perhaps change as the release date gets closer. For now, though, we will simply say…


Terminator 6, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, is due in theaters on November 15, 2019!