The Soul Stone Changes Ownership In New ‘Infinity Countdown’ Comicbook

The recent Infinity Countdown comicbook run has been the source of a lot of great storytelling thanks to the Infinity Stones re-appearing and creating a frenzy within the Marvel Universe. This time around, the stones are scattered across the stars and they aren’t all in the most benevolent of hands, either. We are getting a look at what it would be like if both heroes and villains came into ownership of an Infinity Stone, and how that would shape the universe as they know it.




One of the most interesting plot points stems from an altercation happening with Ultron, the current being in possession of the Soul Stone, and Adam Warlock, the guy who really wants it back for the sake of all life.




Ultron’s maniacal-self has a plan to use his clones loaded up on to spaceships like a virus to send across space to destroy all life, everywhere it exists. And with the help of the Soul Stone, his victory is almost guaranteed.




This is why the Silver Surfer abandoned Adam Warlock in this impossible fight and sought out some serious backup to take Ultron down.


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