The Script For A Solo ‘Doctor Doom’ Film Is Almost Finished, But There’s Bad News Too…

Doctor Doom is one of the most iconic characters, hero or villain, to ever grace the pages of Marvel Comics. While his portrayal on screen has been hit or miss, depending on who you ask, the thought of him having his own, stand-alone movie is enough to blow the minds of fans. Now, the good news is we’ve gotten word that Noah Hawley’s script is near completion, making a Doctor Doom film seem more and more likely by the day.




Last summer, Hawley, the creator of both Legion and Fargo, announced that he was going to be working on a solo film for Victor Von Doom saying during the Legion panel at San Diego Comic-Con that he was working on a film that involved two words, “Doctor. Doom.” Hawley is also preparing for his directorial debut in a feature film for the upcoming Pale Blue Dot, which stars Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm, and Deadpool 2 actress Zazie Beetz.




During a recent interview with Vulture, Hawley said, “I wrote a script that I really like and the studio really likes. It needs a little work.” It’s good to hear that he and the studio are on the same page. If he’s able to do the things he’d like with the film, something he previously said in an interview with the Observer, fans will be happy as well…

“What’s interesting to me about Doom’s character is he’s the king of an Eastern European country and is there a version of this that is more of a political thriller that mixes genre?…It’s something that [Captain America: The Winter Soldier] did really well, which was kind of make a Cold War thriller movie out of a superhero movie. This is different than that, but it does have this idea of, and I don’t want to say too much about it, but it is a mixture of genres… the mandate is not to re-launch the Fantastic Four franchise as much as it is to take this fascinating and under-served character and really build a movie about him where we ask the question: Is he a hero? Is he a villain? What does he really want?”




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