The Russo Brothers Return To Instagram To Let Us Know They Joined A Thanos Subreddit

The Russo Brothers are back on Instagram! You know what that means? ….Neither do we, but it’s not a bad thing to have the two directors of some of the biggest films in the MCU back online connecting with their fans and teasing us about future content.


The directing duo has been pretty busy since the release of Infinity War at the end of April with reshoots for Avengers 4. When you’re reshaping an entire cinematic universe, your work is never done, it seems. Shortly after the release, the directors stepped away from their usually-present social media accounts, presumably to avoid the masses of grieving fans and to focus on the next tasks at hand with Avengers 4.




We know nothing about Avengers 4 as of yet, not even an official title. Re-shoots are reported to be happening this summer, but this has also been heavily hidden so as not to reveal any spoilers. However, in the meantime, it seems that the Russo Brothers have found time to get back on their Instagram to joke around with the fans again.


They posted on their Instagram to let fans know that they are subscribed to a Thanos-sympathizing Subreddit called “r/ThanosDidNothingWrong.”


We have both submitted to the culling…

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The comedic forum was made to talk in defense of the Mad Titan and his finger-snap of death. In its latest stint, the board announced that it would ban half of its subscribers in order to balance the number like Thanos did to the universe in Infinity War.


The director brothers implied with their IG post that they have anonymously subscribed to the Subreddit despite the possible deletion by Thanos! If the topic creators are actually planning to delete half their subscribers, they’ll have a hard time; since the directors’ post, the subscriber count has increased exponentially.




Fans are desperate for any inkling of what will happen in Avengers 4, so anything to do with the creators of the film causes speculation these days. This is probably just a chance to troll fans for the fun of it. The brothers have also been known to use social media as an obscure way to tease or confuse fans, so we really never know.


However, this does mean that the Russo Brothers seem to be off of their social media hiatus for good. With the countdown to Avengers 4 getting closer every day, this hopefully means that there will be behind-the-scenes pictures, hints, and teasers for the new film soon enough!


You can subscribe to the Subreddit “r/ThanosDidNothingWrong” HERE.

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