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The Russo Brothers Discuss IMAX As Marvel Releases One Of The Best Adverts Yet

The promotional team behind Avengers: Infinity War has been working overtime in the lead up to April 27th’s release. With a reported $150 million spent on advertising, they’ve had the backing to make an impact everywhere. They’ve released trailers, much like every other movie, but they’ve also added multiple 30-second TV spots to show off a diverse cast featuring over 75 characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, well, except for Hawkeye who has been nowhere to be found.




To add to the promo-run, Marvel Studios just released a new IMAX movie poster, and it may be their best one yet. What makes the IMAX poster special is the reason they would release one in the first place. The entirety of Avengers: Infinity War was filmed with the new Imax/Arri 2D digital camera making the Russo Brothers the first to directors to capture a Hollywood feature this way.




During an interview with SlashFilm, Joe Russo explained why it was special to film using the IMAX cameras…

“They’re beautiful cameras, the chip is unbelievable, it’s stunning. We have a lot of characters who … are tall, unnaturally tall. So it really helps with the frame, because that IMAX aspect ratio works for those types of characters, and the landscapes are stunning. There are some really exotic landscapes in the film, and to be able to put those on an IMAX screen, it’s an incredible tool to have as a filmmaker to be able to exploit that scale of aspect ratio.”



During that interview, Anthony Russo expounded on the process of filming with the IMAX cameras…

“The good news is, we’ve been working with IMAX very closely on this, and the technology of the cameras continues to evolve. So there’s a new iteration of the cameras that is much more user friendly than they have been. Because we, in our style, we like a very active, aggressive camera, so it’s always been important to try to convert their system into something that is a little more mobile, and something that camera people can actually move in a way that’s not gonna just drag them to the ground. So we have a brand new camera that we’re using that’s called the Arri 65 which is finally completely synced up with the IMAX needs as well and it gives us a lot more latitude, in terms of what we can do with the cameras.”


With this being as important to the filmmakers and IMAX as it is, they wanted to make sure the public knew why seeing it in IMAX would be so crucial. What better way than explaining in interviews and releasing cool marketing material? Check out the latest IMAX poster for Avengers: Infinity War below, and go see the film in IMAX on April 27th!




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